New release from The Murder Balladeers

Mon, 10/10/2011 - 10:55 -- Editor

Next Sunday a night of Alternative Country Music will lift the rafters at Sandinos Bar when local Outlaw Country superstars The Murder Balladeers release their debut record, Ain't No Money in a Border Town.

Described as expert purveyors of ‘fine country music with balls’, The Murder Balladeers list their influences as being from Elvis Presley to the Pogues, The Rolling Stones to Buck Owens and his Buckaroos.

Formed by way of accident when Rion and Gavin Mc Cartney and fellow Here Comes the Landed Gentry axeman John J Keaveney performed a few covers at a local charity gig, the trio have never looked back.

Combining their musical talents, and alongside rockabilly percussionist Todd Gfeller, they penned 10 songs and fashioned the album Balladeer fans will be fighting to get their hands on next weekend.

“We wrote it over two months,” says Rion McCartney. “We conjured up themed stories, some fictional, some true, took it to the studio and laid them down live in two days. We’re quite ecstatic with the sound.

“With the album being recorded acoustically and having a somewhat old time traditional feel, we really feel we can shift up a gear when playing live into a more electrified country rock style set. I think this shows our versatility and ability to play anywhere.”

With Rion, Gavin and John being the core and constant members there is several other members who contribute to their exciting live show. Having a busy summer with festivals and other shows the band plan are looking forward to making a triumphant homecoming for the album launch on Sunday October 16th and have high hopes for a Christmas number one.

Support on the night comes from Derry's very own Johnny and June... Tillie and Henderson aka Marty Doherty and Tina Mc Laughlin and DJ Paul PJ de BAMBAM rocking out a country, blues and roots set of illustrious music.

Doors open at 9.30pm.