North West's first wild animal park opens in Burnfoot

Tue, 22/10/2019 - 19:52 -- Editor

This Friday 25 October sees the opening of 'Wild Ireland', a new nature reserve and biodiversity area at Dundrain, Burnfoot.

The EU-backed 23-acre wildlife preserve specialises in species extinct to Ireland but now returned to their once-native habitat: Irish brown bears, grey wolves, red deer, the lynx, which has not been seen in Ireland for 1000 years, wild boar, and even barbary macaque monkeys from North Africa.

A company spokesperson said: "Step back in time into an ancient woodland inhabited by extinct creatures to experience some of Ireland's ancient lost wildlife. Welk among the ancient trees and encounter bears, wolves, lynx and wild boar on your journey through the past.... in a small pocket of remaining woodland on the Inishowen Peninsula, the hands of time have been rolled back to an era when ferocious beasts ruled the Irish countryside."

Wild Ireland is also home to red deer, many wild birds, and on its lake swans, ducks and even a pair of otters.

The sanctuary and vistor centre offer a very family-oriented day out with a play park, visitor centre, and refreshments in the Wild Ireland Shop and Café.

Wild Ireland is located on the Muff-Burnfoot road, near the Whiteoaks Centre.