Northern Irish 'most likely' to buy a friend's round in the pub

Mon, 17/12/2012 - 16:48 -- Editor

A survey by Barclays Bank shows that if you're short of cash to buy your round, Northern Ireland is the place to be.

In fact, 72% of us 'Nordies' have offered to buy our friend's round of drinks when their funds ran low on a night out. The research, done to advertise the mobile phone banking app Barclays Pingit, reveals that when it comes to our friends, we’re very generous, with nearly three quarters of people having lent money to a friend. The average amount we are willing to lend is £59. This generosity doesn’t extend to paying back borrowed money, with 11% of respondents admitting they’ve pretended to ‘forget’ to pay a friend back. Around a quarter of Britons who have lent money to friends (26%) have handed over cash during a night out or a cab ride. However, tough times and the rising cost of living are also an important reason for us to lend and borrow money from our friends. A quarter (23%) of the 2,000 people surveyed had lent a friend money, not for a cheeky pint in the pub, but to help them pay their household bills.