Northern Irish people have their say on health matters in major new survey

Thu, 22/11/2012 - 11:16 -- Editor

The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety has this morning published the first bulletin from the Health Survey Northern Ireland  for this year.

The survey covers a range of health topics that are important to the lives of people in Northern Ireland today.

The topics included in the survey include general health, vaccinations, diet & nutrition, availability of food, obesity, smoking, drinking, physical activity, mental health, carers, sexual health, breast screening and cervical smear testing.

The survey found that 86% of respondents in Northern Ireland indicated that their health had been good or fairly good in the previous 12 months.

When asked how satisfied they were with their life in general, 88%of respondents indicated that they were satisfied or very satisfied.

Parents were asked about the health of their children. 93% parents reported that their health generally is good or very good.

Around one third of respondents reported consuming 5 or more portions of fruit or vegetables a day with females more likely to be meeting this guideline than males.

Sixty-one percent of adults measured were either overweight or obese. Slightly more males than females were obese and males were also more likely to be overweight than females.

In relation to children, aged 2-15 years, 10% were assessed as being obese based on the International Obesity Task Force guidelines.

Twenty-five percent of respondents indicated that they currently smoke and Three-quarters of respondents aged 18 and over indicated that they drink alcohol.

Thirty-five percent of respondents were classified as meeting the recommended level of physical activity.