Northlands Centre plan new rehabilitation centre at Boomhall

Wed, 09/11/2011 - 12:03 -- Editor

Derry City Council have given the green light to a planned new Northland's Centre rehabilitation near Boomhall in the city.

Planning permision has been granted for the erection of rehabilitation centre consisting of councilling rooms, residential accommodation, central services building, administration and ancillary rooms, bio-mass boiler plant, access roadway and lecture room, site landscaping and connection to services.

The Northlands Centre, which is currently situated at Shepherds Way in the Waterside, hope to house their new facility in Boomhall Lands on the Culmore Road and are now in the process of acquiring and securing funding for the project.

Over thirty years ago Northlands became the first community-based, independent treatment centre in Ireland and the first small unit to take the treatment of alcohol problems out of the mental health setting. Since then it has been helping individuals, families and communities to understand and deal with the many issues that contribute to problems with alcohol, drug, gambling and other addictive behaviours in the context of each individual’s situation.

As an organisation Northlands has kept itself informed of the changing debates and developments in the treatment of addiction while remaining confident and true to the ethos and principles which have proved effective and timeless in the provision of care and support to individuals, their families and the wider community struggling with addiction.

It is our belief that treatment and recovery can and do happen and the journey through addiction is built on the belief of care rather that cure: there are no magic wands or mysterious techniques and procedures, but realistic, steady identification of the problems and support and guidance in tackling them.