Picture round-up of Saturday's Lundy parade in Derry

Sat, 03/12/2011 - 21:34 -- Editor

Thousands of marchers paraded around Derry on Saturday afternoon for the Apprentice Boy's annual Lundy parade.

There was a strong police presence with several hundred police on foot lining the route. Operation Exposure was in full force, with parade followers warned that any disorder would not be tolerated.

Marchers were pelted with torrential rain for most of the parade but the weather did nothing to deter the supporters who lined the route in their hundreds.

The police presence was heavy but discreet. Hundreds of officers lined the route on foot preventing pedestrians from crossing over into the path of marchers. Landrovers lined the side streets off Ferryquay Street for most of the day.


Retailers reported a quieter than usual day with many shoppers choosing to stay away from the city centre.

In the afternoon the marchers returned through the Diamond to Bishop Street where the effigy of Lundy was set ablaze.

The parade was well marshalled and the day passed off without incident.