Planning approved to relocate Lidl store at Buncrana Road

Thu, 02/07/2020 - 20:03 -- Editor

An application for the relocation of the existing Lidl supermarket from its current location at 24 Buncrana Road to a vacant plot on the corner of Buncrana Road and Springtown Road, to include an access road and carparking was given the green light by members of Derry City and Strabane District Council’s Planning Committee today.

The meeting was told that the application included a request for the existing Lidl building to be retained but that the retail use would be extinguished at part of vacant premises with the vacant site to the south-east bounded, and the new site at Springtown Road and Buncrana Road.

The Committee also approved an application for change of use from Class 1 food supermarket to Class B4 storage with ancillary trade counter at Lidl Store, 24 Buncrana Road

Members at the meeting heard how the applicants, Lidl, has a shortage of parking spaces and limited staff welfare and storage facilities and there is no room to expand on the current site and that this proposal will allow for increased floor space and staff facilities.

They were informed that the existing Lidl store is in an established retail facility on the Buncrana Road and the replacement proposal will continue to serve the local shopping need.

Members were advised that this is the first instance of Council dealing with a Discontinuance  Order to remove the existing use and replace the use in the new site and that legal advice was sought and considered as part of the recommendation.

The meeting heard that objections to the application related to car parking, traffic congestion, lack of public transport and pedestrian safety.

Representation from the applicant that presented at the meeting was given consideration by members.