Police issue warning over dangerous quad bikes

Fri, 13/01/2012 - 11:22 -- Editor

Police have issued a warning to quad bike owners in Derry - 'drive them safely and legally or have them confiscated'.

Foyle City North Neighbourhood Policing Team has received several reports of children riding quads, scramblers and mini motos on the green area at Carnhill, on Fairview Road and at Galliagh Linear Park. 

Constable Michael Gahan explained: “It appears that some children have been bought these vehicles as Christmas presents however parents need to realise they are not toys and the riding of such vehicles on roads and public places is antisocial, inconsiderate, illegal and dangerous.”

"The City North Team cannot stress enough the dangers presented to riders, passengers, pedestrians and motorists alike by the irresponsible and dangerous use of quads, mopeds and scramblers in our public areas. We want to appeal to parents to think of their children’s safety and the safety of other people. Our priority is to prevent a tragedy by getting these dangerous and unsuitable vehicles taken out of the community.

"The team is currently seeking information about the owners/riders of two mini scramblers and a white quad that have come to police attention. If you see these vehicles, or any quads/scramblers being used inappropriately, note down the time and place and a good description of the rider. Report that information immediately to the Neighbourhood Team or local police on 0845 600 8000.

“Rest assured that we will be seizing any such uninsured and unsafe vehicles being ridden on public property so if you don’t want to lose your Christmas present then use these vehicles safely and legally.”

The Foyle City North Neighbourhood Team can be contacted on 07585 979446.