Police praise public for good sense and empty streets

Tue, 31/03/2020 - 09:59 -- Editor

Police on both sides of the River continue to praise the public for the obvious efforts being made to cut out non-essential outings and to say at home.

Waterside officers were out on foot and bicycles yesterday and said:

“The majority of our streets were empty and we would like to say thank you for playing your part. We had to remind a few people as to how we can stay safe by adhering to the direction given by our government.”

Ballyarnett officers were also on patrol, and said:

“Ballyarnett NPT have been out on the bikes all day and I have to say it was immediately clear that our City understands just what is at stake. We observed quiet streets, people out exercising in ones and twos, and social distancing measures in operation at all the retail sites in the City.”