Potentially lethal dog disease diagnosed in Northern Ireland

Tue, 21/01/2020 - 01:19 -- Editor

A disease that can be fatal to dogs has been diagnosed in a dog in Cookstown, and vets are warning all dog owners to watch out for certain symptoms in their own pet.

Alabama Rot is not fully understood but is not breed-specific, it can affect any dog. It is thought to be contracted through the paws during walks, particularly on muddy ground.

A veterinary spokesperson wrote on the Jubilee Veterinary Centre's Facebook page: "Alabama Rot is a disease of unknown cause, but it is thought to live in the ground. It is not breed specific, so can affect any dog. It will present as sores on the paws, face and body area. Internally, Alabama Rot can damage blood vessels in the kidneys, and lead to renal failure.”

What can you do? The vet says: Make sure to wash paws after muddy, woodland walks. If you notice any sores on your dog’s body, contact a vet urgently.