Protest against PSNI links to Israeli police

Wed, 02/06/2021 - 08:42 -- Editor

Derry Branch of Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign will be holding a protest this evening Wednesday 2nd June at 6.30pm outside Strand Road PSNI Station.

A spokesperson said: "We will be handing in a letter of protest at the Police Station for the attention of the Chief Constable Simon Byrne. We also call on political parties who support BDS and who also sit on the Policing Board to boycott it and demand an end to this partnership with abusers of Palestinian human rights.

Just last week, Patrick Corrigan, NI Director Amnesty International stated in a Interview with The Detail: “As a matter of urgency, the PSNI should suspend all programmes with the Israeli police and security services where there’s a clear risk of involvement in human rights violations.

“This needs to come as part of a wider halt to all military and police exports from the UK to Israel, including any training and technology which could lead to further human rights violations.

“Northern Ireland, and particularly our police service, must ensure it is not implicated in Israel’s human rights violations.

“The distressing scenes from East Jerusalem and Gaza should now be a wake-up call.”

Due to Covid lockdowns, direct actions like this have not been possible. Now is the right time to highlight this and demand an end to the collaboration between PSNI and the apartheid state of Israel."