PSNI catch teenager throwing lifebelts from Peace Bridge

Mon, 29/07/2013 - 17:38 -- Editor

Police responded to a call around 12.30am on Sunday (28th) after CCTV controllers identified two boys interfering with the life saving equipment on the Peace Bridge.

Officers spoke to a 16 year old boy who admitted throwing a number of life belts into the water.

The boy’s family were contacted and it was agreed that the matter would be dealt with by way of discretionary disposal, which is a means where officers can use their discretion and come to an arrangement that avoids prosecution.  

As a result, the 16 year old was informed of the dangers of interfering with life saving equipment, and has undertaken to assist with a local community project.

He will also be referred to a PSNI Youth Diversion Officer.

Police would like to thank Foyle Search & Rescue for their assistance and the recovery of all the life belts.