PSNI issue guidelines on summer travel

Thu, 09/04/2020 - 19:30 -- Editor

The PSNI have give the following guidelines on sunbathing and attending the beach.

"The legislation is already clear-cut. The new health care regulations allow you to leave home and travel only if is necessary.

Driving to go for exercise is not a necessity and is entirely in contradiction of the advice of the Chief Medical Officer and the Health Service who want you to stay at home to protect the Health Service and save lives. It is the assessment of the Police Service that it is also a breach of the restrictions. Simply, the restrictions require you to have a reasonable excuse to have a need to leave home, it’s not just a reason, but a need and I see no need for anybody to drive miles in order to take their daily exercise so that would put you in breach of the restrictions. We will engage with you, we will explain that to you and advise you to go home and if you choose not to take that advice we will use enforcement by way of fines.”