Public warned over bogus HMRC email scam

Thu, 10/11/2011 - 11:58 -- Editor

The public is being warning to be on alert to a bogus email purporting to be from the Inland Revenue.

The email informs the recipients of a possible tax refund, an amount of money is stated in the email and the recipients are encouraged to update their details in order to receive the refund.

SDLP Derry DPP member Councillor Brenda Stevenson urges anyone who recieves such an email to report it as a matter of urgency.

"This email is one of a number of similar emails that have been sent out over the last few months informing people of an imminent tax refund, the sender is asking the recipient to update their bank details in order to receive the refund," she said.


“This is not a genuine email but an attempt by certain corrupt individuals or groups to elicit money from the accounts of unsuspecting people. I have forwarded the email I received to our DPP Manager and I will be speaking to the PSNI to encourage them to alert the general public to this very serious matter.


“At a time when money is scarce enough, innocent people do not deserve to be duped in such a callous manner.”