Public warned over parking fine scam

Thu, 13/03/2014 - 16:24 -- Editor

People in the North West are urged to be vigilant about a scam regarding car parking fines – and warned not to make any financial payment over the Internet in reply to an email they receive claiming to be from the Central Ticket Agency.

Faughan candidate in the upcoming local government election Jim McKeever said: “I have been contacted by a constituent with details of what seems to be an elaborate scam around car parking fines.

“The constituent in question received a message to her private email stating that her husband’s vehicle had been parked illegally in Limavady a few weeks previously, and as there had been no contact or payment received the bill was now at £100 and would increase by a further £40 if not paid immediately.

“The couple were able to establish that neither of them had been in that area at the date given and checked with the PSNI who in turn put them in direct contact with the Central Ticket Agency.

“The Central Ticket Agency confirmed that they only send out letters – not emails – in such cases and to never send money to any such demand through emails.

“Another very worrying aspect of this incident is that the perpetrator was able to link the wife's email address and her husband's vehicle details to make the demand seem even more realistic. I am therefore urging people to be vigilant – and would encourage anyone who receives such an email or demand for money to report it immediately to the PSNI.”