SDLP MLAs to donate pay increase to charity

Wed, 22/01/2020 - 10:53 -- Editor

SDLP MLAs have each taken the decision to donate their pay increase, as mandated by the Independent Pay Review Body, to a number of charities.

There is currently no facility for MLAs to reject the pay increase but SDLP MLAs will donate the additional salary to a charity of their own choice.

An SDLP Spokesperson said: “MLA pay and office costs should not be determined by Assembly members and it's right that an independent body is responsible for reviewing these matters. This pay increase, however, is poorly judged and even more poorly timed.

“SDLP MLAs have each decided to donate this salary increase to a charity of their own choice.

“The SDLP will also make representations to the Independent Pay Review Body urging them to consider public confidence in the political process when making future awards”