Seasonal flu vaccinations can resume following vaccine delivery

Mon, 16/11/2020 - 22:51 -- Editor

Social Democratic and Labour Party Health Spokesperson Colin McGrath MLA has welcomed confirmation from the Health Minister that additional supplies of flu vaccine have been received, allowing the seasonal flu programme to resume.

The South Down MLA asked an urgent question to the Health Minister about the situation facing GP practices and patients across the North today after reports that supplies of the vaccine had run low.

Colin McGrath MLA said: “I welcome confirmation from the Health Minister that the Department of Health has received additional supplies of flu vaccine this week that will allow the seasonal flu vaccination programme to resume.

“Concerns raised by senior GPs about the supply of flu vaccine doses across Northern Ireland were deeply worrying, particularly given that an increase in uptake was entirely predictable this year. It remains concerning, however, that there could be such a clear breakdown in communications between the Department of Health, the Public Health Agency and GPs across the North. That needs to be rectified and I welcome the Minister’s clarification.

“We have all been encouraging people to get their flu jab this year because of the added risk of Covid-19. We have been trying to reduce the pressure on our hospitals during what will be a difficult winter for front line workers. It’s important that supplies of the vaccine reach GP practices quickly so that people can be protected as soon as possible.