Second scam hits Derry public - this time from fake Halifax Bank

Tue, 10/01/2012 - 16:40 -- Editor

A second scam, targeting the Derry public, has been unveiled, this time from a company purporting to be the Halifax Bank.

SDLP Derry City Councillor Angela Dobbins is asking for people to be cautious about who they give their details to after discovering that she was the target of a sophisticated email “phishing” scam.

She said: “I received an email purporting to be from the Halifax bank. It looked very official and professional and was informing me that my account had been suspended because of an error or unpaid bill.

“The email asked for my name, address, date of birth, password and account number – all details designed to provide immediate access to my banking details.

“One thing was wrong, however – I am not a Halifax customer and, when I checked with them, they have never heard of such a request being issued, so I alerted the police.

“Email scams are increasingly sophisticated and plausible, so I would urge people to be vigilant. Your bank will not ask you to email sensitive details, so do not be fooled.

“If in doubt, contact your bank and, if you are satisfied that you have received a scam email, alert the police as well.

“Together we can stop scammers from taking costly phishing trips at our expense.”