Sinn Fein cannot lie about their role in welfare reform, says Independent Nationalist candidate Emmet Doyle

Thu, 06/12/2018 - 10:54 -- Editor

Independent Nationalist candidate for the Moor Emmet Doyle has said it is time that Sinn Fein come clean about their role in introducing Welfare Reform to the North, and stop treating people like fools. Commenting, Mr Doyle said:"Week after week we see Sinn Fein MLA's - who are still being paid - sending out press releases calling on the British government to do one thing or another on welfare reform.  On 18th November 2015 Sinn Fein showed their true colours in the Assembly when they voted with the DUP to give the power to legislate on welfare reform to the Tory government in London, did they for one second think the Tories would take it easy on our people? "Families are being decimated by Universal Credit and PIP assessments.  I myself visited a family last week who had their income slashed to only £36 for no apparent reason.  It is time Sinn Fein accepted the reality of the poverty they have put ordinary people in, up and down this City.  They have done the dirty work of the Tories and they should be ashamed, not trying to cover it up and blatantly lying to the face of the electorate they claim to respect. I wont be letting them, or any other public representatives forget their roles in neglecting the people of this city at any level"