Street battle among youths in Culmore Centra store and car park

Sun, 29/03/2015 - 15:11 -- Editor

PSNI had to be called to Culmore area on Saturday night when a crowd of 30-40 youths had gathered at the Magnet Bar and Centra Stores and had begun fighting among each other.

The youths, after being confronted by customers, staff and door staff, vacated the shop but remained outside being abusive and antagonising each other.

SDLP Cllr Angela Dobbins who was at the scene expressed her concern.

“This is now becoming a regular occurrence and it is very distressing to residents in the area and to the business owners. This fight was inside the shop and was very disturbing for everyone who witnessed it.

Even more disturbing is the fact that these young people were being ferried to and from Culmore by taxi. When asked, it was very apparent that these young people came from other areas of the city.

I have been told that the PSNI had to be called quite a few times before they responded.

These youth are mostly under 14yrs old and there was no alcohol involved in the last two weeks disturbances.  I urge parents to know exactly where their children are, not hope they are where they say they are and to take responsibility for their children’s behaviour.

I am extremely fearfull that someday  things will become out of control and someone will be seriously hurt.”