Survey launched of parents of children with special educational needs

Thu, 03/10/2019 - 06:57 -- Editor

SDLP Health Spokesperson Mark H Durkan has urged parents and carers of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) to take part in the Department for Education’s Survey as part of their SEN Learner Journey Project.


He added that the current framework is crying out for reform. The Foyle MLA said: “Surveys such as this one are crucial in aiding the delivery of improved and effective SEN services.


“And with almost 80,000 children and young people across NI currently on the SEN register, it is vitally important that SEN framework for learning is ahead of the curve-  fit for purpose in the constantly changing world of education.


“It is clear that the current model is not fit for purpose- recently my constituency office has had an influx of requests from parents seeking access to improved services for their children. Unfortunately, it has been the case for many that this increased difficulty in obtaining fitting and appropriate Special Educational support, has been to the detriment of their child’s learning and development.


“It is heart-breaking and indeed frustrating, to hear of children struggling in a class of their peers without the additional support they require. The current system is crying out for long-overdue transformation.


“Hearing first-hand feedback- personal experiences and challenges- is essential in determining how communication, engagement and delivery of these services can be improved. I am encouraged by the Department’s acknowledgement of the need for a Learner centric system and I am hopeful that change can be delivered.


“But to deliver that change service providers need to hear from the experts- parents and carers can be the conduit for that change. Their input is integral in achieving better outcomes for pupils and transforming SEN learning. As such I would urge all to take part in this important survey. No child should be left behind when it comes to education.”


Complete the survey at