Suspected dog thieves about in Strabane area

Thu, 09/07/2020 - 13:42 -- Editor

Police have been made aware of suspicious activity in the Strabane/Donemana area.

Two males with southern accents in a white transit van were seen driving about and appeared to be taking an interest in properties with dogs.

These males did approach a member of the public on one occasion offering to buy the family dog.

Police are aware that there have been a number of dog thefts reported throughout the province recently and would advise everyone to be mindful of the security of their property including family pets.

If you see anything that you have any suspicions about please contact police on 101 as we are only too happy to check the area and speak to anyone acting suspiciously.

If you saw this particular van or people and have any further information to add please call us quoting the reference number 471-09/07/20.