'Times too tough to let political agendas get in way of healthcare' - call for cross-border solution

Thu, 20/10/2011 - 13:13 -- Editor


SDLP Health Spokesperson Mark H Durkan is pushing for better co-operation on cross border healthcare.

Questioning John Compton, who is leading the Health and Social Care Review, at the Assembly's Health Committee, the Foyle MLA said: “I questioned John Compton as to whether or not the panel has looked at areas where enhanced cross border cooperation can help realise cash efficiencies as well as service improvements for patients and service users and I am pleased with his response that he recognises that there are significant areas for collaboration and that the review would be taking these into account.

“I am very encouraged that this panel and indeed the Health Minister, Edwin Poots, are taking a pragmatic, rather than a political approach to North-South healthcare.

“Once the review has been completed, I look forward to the department moving towards all island health measures in order to best serve patients and vulnerable people in our society.

“Times are too tough to let political agendas get in the way of health matters. The reality is that we would be much better placed to deliver effective and efficient front line services if we co-ordinated with our counterparts in the Republic.”