Toddler finds needle and syringe in Galliagh

Thu, 26/05/2016 - 15:41 -- Editor

SDLP Councillor Brian Tierney has urged people in Derry to exercise vigilance after a four year old child discovered a syringe and needle in the Bloomfield Park area of the city. 

Cllr Tierney has organised a thorough clean of the area with the council following the discovery and has alerted the police to the find. 

He said: “Yesterday evening I was contacted by a mother who was distressed after her four year old son had discovered a syringe and needle in a residential area of the city. This is clearly a very serious concern for people living in the area, especially those with young children. 

“I’ve been in contact with the council and have requested a thorough inspection and clean of the area with road sweepers and litter pickers.  While we can’t be sure of what was contained in the syringe, either a prescription medication or an illegal drug, this is clearly a public safety concern. 

“If anyone comes across items like this they should consider their own safety first and foremost. Hard plastic can be used to contain a syringe before bringing it to a pharmacist for disposal. 

“Our primary concern remains the safety of those living in the Bloomfield park area. We have alerted local police to the discovery and will continue to work with residents to ensure the area remains safe for them and their children.”