Toxic children's facepaint alert for pound shops

Sat, 15/12/2012 - 08:18 -- Editor

Parents in Derry are warned to be vigilant following news that 7,200 face paint sets with toxic levels of lead have been distributed to pound shops around the country.

The paints carry the name 'Tartan Collection' and the yellow colour has 3.5% lead content, which can be absorbed through children's skin and damage their central nervous system.

Trading Standards have made a product recall but so far only 324 sets have been located. The sets contain coloured stencils and 5 pots of different colours.

A senior trading standards officer said "these have gone to all 4 corners of the UK."

The paints were imported from China by the Manchester-based company Chelford Ltd., who have been fined £14,000 for breaching product safety laws.