Traffic calming for Lone Moor now secure, says Emmet Doyle

Tue, 12/03/2019 - 09:34 -- Editor

Independent Nationalist candidate for the Moor, Emmet Doyle has secured a traffic calming scheme for the Lone Moor after several weeks of lobbying on behalf of residents. He said:"As a resident of the Lone Moor myself, it was evident we needed some traffic calming measures to address the speeding that goes on in our stretch of the road from Brandywell Road to Stanley's Walk. Primarily I had been in discussions with Council regarding the issue and with Roads Service.  I have received confirmation this afternoon following a request for information that a new scheme will begin on the road as soon as possible in the new financial year, which begins in April. The scheme will stretch the length of the road from the junction at Brandywell Road to the top of Stanley's Walk and I will be updating residents further today.  It is a testament to their resolve and determination over a long period of time."