Travellers urged to check baggage allowances before they travel

Tue, 16/04/2019 - 15:22 -- Editor

With holidays approaching, the Department for the Economy’s Trading Standards Service (TSS) today warned airline travellers to check the size of their cabin baggage before heading to the airport.

TSS has recently received complaints from consumers claiming that some metal baggage sizers were smaller than that airline’s permitted size for cabin baggage, resulting in their cabin bag not fitting into the sizer and the traveller being charged a £50 fee to have it placed in the aircraft hold.

Over the past few weeks Trading Standards have measured the dimensions of 47 metal and non-metal baggage sizers used by airlines at each of the three airports in Northern Ireland. All of the baggage sizers tested by weights and measures Inspectors were found to measure in excess of the maximum dimensions permitted by each airline for cabin baggage.

However, it was noted that the majority of baggage sizers tested were found to measure only 0.5cm in excess, leaving very little room for error. Non-metal cardboard baggage sizers were found to be more generous to consumers, measuring 1.5cm – 2cm in excess of the stated length by width by depth dimensions.

TSS can confirm that the baggage sizers currently being used by airlines in Northern Ireland are accurately described and do not breach consumer protection laws.