Trees down, roads closed – extensive damage caused during storm

Tue, 03/01/2012 - 09:41 -- Editor

Strong winds battered the northwest on Monday night leading to extensive damage and disruption.

Gusts of up to 90mph were recorded, and many roads across Derry are blocked by fallen trees and debris.

Bishop Street in the city centre was closed to motorists and pedestrians for most of the day due to falling debris. The Court House remained open, access was via Bishop's Gate only. The Ardmore Road at it's junction with Ardkill Road near Drumahoe was also closed due to falling trees. A wall was blown down in the Brandywell area and the Foyle Bridge was closed for most of last night and this morning but reopened again with speed restrictions.

There are reports of fallen trees and damage to residential property throughout the city.

Waterside pensioner Audrey Douglas was left shaken when a large tree fell in her garden in Broomhill Avenue, flattening her neighbour's car.

Met Office spokesman John Wylie says the worst in now over although there is a yellow warning still in place for Wednesday for heavy rain.

NIE said the power supply in the northwest had been affected by the weather. There were reports of faults at Campsie and Sheriffs Mountain.

The police advised motorists to take extra care and slow down. Some train and bus services were also disrupted.