Verbal Arts Centre now recruiting for journalism courses

Wed, 30/04/2014 - 13:14 -- Editor

Recruitment is now underway for the new term’s GCSE and A-Level Journalism courses at the Verbal Arts Centre.

In collaboration with local schools, the centre offers CCEA-accredited GCSE and A-Level journalism, in conjunction with the Foyle Learning Community and taught by one of the north-west’s best known journalists, the Irish News’ Leona O’Neill.

Students are taught all the industry skills needed to become journalists and get first hand advice from industry experts brought in from all over the UK and Ireland. They will get the opportunity to develop their interview and writing skills, design magazines, delve into photography and learn radio and video editing skills at the Verbal Arts Centre’s state-of-the-art recording studios.

Students also learn first-hand how the UK media industry works and create their own media products - such as magazines and radio programmes - and have their news stories and radio productions published and broadcast.

“The current A-Level students have had an amazing year so far,” says Journalism Tutor, Leona O’Neill.

“They have interviewed everyone from pop stars to politicians, world renowned authors, directors and musicians and have had their work published in the local media. Throughout the year they have established themselves as fine young journalists in their own right, tackling tough topics such as drugs, alcohol and teenage pregnancy in the local media. I have no doubt that they will go on to set the media world on fire.

“This year they have networked with everyone from the top crime reporters in the Sunday Times to the editor of the Sun, television cameramen, top showbiz correspondents, war correspondents, news reporters from all over Northern Ireland as well as the newspaper and magazine editors and broadcasters from all local media outlets and learned valuable, future proof skills that will take them onto an exciting career in journalism.

“It is a very lively, vibrant and fast-paced course, just like life in the media. My students are never bored! I’m greatly looking forward to the new batch of young journalists who will come to us in September so we can share this exciting course with them and help them carve out an exciting career in the world of media.”

GCSE and A-Level Journalism is available to any pupil taking GCSEs and A-Levels in the local schools. Enrolment is through your school. Please contact your careers advisor for more details on the course and how to register or contact Leona O’Neill at the Verbal Arts Centre on or 02871 266946.