Western Trust launches Emotional Wellbeing Strategy for young people

Wed, 23/01/2013 - 13:50 -- Editor

The Western Health and Social Care Trust (Western Trust) has become the first Trust in N. Ireland to launch its Emotional Wellbeing Strategy, aimed at children and young adults from pregnancy to the age of 19 years.

At a seminar to launch the Children’s Emotional Wellbeing Strategy, Western Trust Chairman, Mr Gerard Guckian said: “Positive emotional health and wellbeing in infants, children and young people is essential to enable them to do well in later life. Emotionally resilient children and young people are more able to deal with difficulties in their lives, and cope with uncertainty. They are likely to do better at school, to have good relationships with family and friends. They are less likely to take unnecessary risks or behave in an anti-social way. I commend the Western Trust staff who have taken the initiative to create this strategy and whose dedication will make it a reality. It will make a real difference.”

The overall Emotional Wellbeing Strategy also encompasses an Infant Mental Health strategy.

The Trust has also published specific interventions to support Infant Mental health, including:

*       Zero tolerance of smoking during pregnancy
*       Zero alcohol in pregnancy
*       Attachment-focused behaviour in pregnancy
*       Breast-feeding
*       Parents/carers reading to children.