Written testimonies on Home Bargains noise problem invited by Cllr Shauna Cusack

Fri, 30/08/2019 - 17:31 -- Editor

SDLP Councillor Shauna Cusack is asking the residents currently negatively affected by those parking up at night and on weekends at the Home Bargains private car park to send her written accounts how it's impacting them in order to expedite the installation of a barrier.

Cusack states ‘ I have been dealing with this issue of noise nuisance and the resulting sleep deprivation for the residents surrounding the Home Bargains site at Buncrana and Strand Road for quite a while now. I’m hearing constant reports of how families and especially those with young babies are being denied their right to a peaceful night’s sleep with some children refusing to stay in their own bedrooms due to fear. The residents of Farren Park opposite the business are most affected with bedrooms overlooking the carpark where the activity is taking place. 

Recently cctv was installed which links directly to a central unit which alerts the Council Safety Wardens and PSNI of any activity. This however is deemed to be ineffective as it does not account for any noise and relies on immediate responses which is not always possible.

I have again spoken at length to the North’s District Manager insisting that the barrier I previously had installed, which was removed, was the only feasible solution. I’ve been assured he understands and is keen to reinstate this with a model which complies with their Heath and Safety policies. I have also been advised that their facilities team are currently researching a suitable design however planning permission may be a requirement. 

I have outlined the urgency of this progressing this project as further delays will mean more upset to residents as well as stretching our valuable community services by monitoring private land. I would therefore urge anyone in the area who is having issues with this site to send me an account of their personal experience by email or Facebook direct message to forward on to headquarters. These reports will help keep the pressure on the decisions makers to take the issue seriously. ‘