DOH urges public to keep up with social distancing and other precautions as the first cases of the Indian variant appear
Aontú's Emmet Doyle welcomes that his motion declaring a mental health emergency in the City and district has been approved by Council
A programme of weekly testing of pupils and staff of special schools will begin at the start of February
Aontú's Emmet Doyle to call on Council to declare a mental health emergency in response to pressures arising from Covid-19 and lockdowns
Extension to Altnagelvin’s Emergency Department is now operational providing a new 50 seater waiting area and a new minors unit
Trust's 'Phone First' service from next Monday 25/01 will assess patients and direct them to the right service, avoiding waiting rooms
Visiting has been suspended on all Western Trust facilities on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer
Staff forced to work in unsafe conditions, and claims that some were made redundant when they complained, says Sinéad McLaughlin MLA
New Lumira DX rapid nasal swab test gives results in just 12 minutes and will assist Emergency Departments in receiving incoming patients
Last night Trust appealed to off-duty staff to return to hospital to avert an emergency - NHS heroes rushed back and prevented disaster
Flu vaccine now available for free to 50-64 year olds through participating community pharmacies, to reduce pressure on NHS


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Altnagelvin midwife Corina McGarrigle had her baby son, assisted by her colleagues, on International Midwives Day last Wednesday, 5th May
One person, 1 hour a day in hospitals and hospices, in children's wards 2 can visit but must 'rotate' so only 1 at a time is at bedside
Decision to take cars queueing for McDonalds off road and on to Fort George site increases safety on Strand Rd, says Sinéad McLaughlin
Council have unveiled a mural by local company Peaball Creatives, dedicated to former Derry City player Mark Farren, at the Brandywell
Council has approved funding of £750,000 for a raft of arts, culture and heritage projects and events