Think hard before buying a pet as a Christmas present - they are cute today, but may be hard work tomorrow, says Cllr Shauna Cusack
Police carried out searches this morning in Creggan: several items seized - man (49) arrested after discovery of extreme pornographic image
Deeply personal abuse levelled at women candidates in particular - all parties should battle to eradicate this, says SDLP's Colum Eastwood
Apprentice Boys praised as Clyde Valley flute band withdraw from Lundy's Day after wearing para emblem last year, says SDLP's Colum Eastwood
Under Youth Charter, young people work with local businesses to provide work experience, apprenticeships and internships to youth
Sixteen high value cars stolen by redirecting signal from owner's keys inside the house - owners urged to block key signal at home at night
UK should follow moves by the Italian Government to place climate change at the heart of education, says SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood
Declan O'Neill was today given a life sentence for murdering his mother Ann (47) in back garden of her parents' home in Belfast
Culmore to get 50 new houses at Ballynagard with playpark for toddlers and 19 allotments, building starts at Easter says Cllr Angela Dobbins
First moves have been made to block Cregganburn Park to anti-social driving, but more funding is needed, says Cllr Shauna Cusack
Leglislation for compensation for abuse victims could benefit up to 5,000 as new laws are fast-tracked through Westminster


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Council's Cleansing and Enforcement Departments have been alerted to this incident of rubbish dumping at Hawthorns, says Cllr. Shauna Cusack
Man in his 30s sentenced to six month suspended sentence for breaking a bone is his partner's foot and biting her face
Council is now putting in £75,000 to purchase green space at former school and develop greenways around the site, says Cllr Martin Reilly
Besides Children in Need, Culmore Primary School's Pudseys have been posting off their shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child
Following success of NI Judo open last April, NI Judo Federation have announced all their tournaments will come to Foyle Arena in 2020