Galliagh Parish Centre is being refurbished, but thousands of pounds worth of damage has been caused this week, says Cllr Brian Tierney
Around 24 petrol bombs and 6 paint bombs thrown, also bricks and bottles as 30-40 youths built and burned a barricade at Fahan St last night
DfI Roads snub Eglinton residents over concerns at clogged gullies and gratings: DfI blame 'limited resources' for inadequate maintenance
Clyde Valley Flute Band refused to remove Para symbols from uniforms, and event organisers felt 'unable' to intervene, says PSNI
DAERA's £400,000 fund is for groups promoting interaction with the environment and for infrastructure protecting natural habitats
Colum Eastwood has asked to meet Apprentice Boys after a Larne band in Relief of Derry parade wore a Para Regiment motif on their uniforms
Senior DUP figures posing yesterday under Paras banner while the party failed to condemn a flute band wearing provocative symbols
Two petrol bombs thrown over Walls near Memorial Hall at 10.45pm, then 15-20 petrol bombs and missiles thrown at police in Fahan Street
A flute band wearing symbols relating to Soldier F were allowed to walk in today's Apprentice Boys' Parade, says Sinn Féin
A person was rescued from the water at around 07.23 this morning, treated by FSR and then transferred to hospital
New factory girls mural by Joe Campbell/UV Arts at Craft Village will be a huge tourist attraction, says Cllr Shauna Cusack


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A Factory Girls reunion function would be the natural next step in celebrating the heritage of our shirt industry, says Cllr Shauna Cusack
Two men (42 and 49) are in court tomorrow charged with burglary and other offences following a number of burglaries in Derry
Nóra's parents Meabh and Sébastien met as student and tutor at Magee - book of condolence for Nóra now open until next Friday 23 August
Exhibition at Tower Museum from Monday 19th Aug - Sun 25 Aug celebrates Europe's largest collection of cannon on Derry's Walls
Teen mum Emma Webb almost gave up her NWRC course until her lecturer came to her house - now she is about to qualify as a paediatric nurse