Breadmakers at the Hovis plant in Belfast, which makes 50% of NI's bread under various brand names, are demanding a 10% pay rise
The Executive said that today (Tuesday) they will finalise formal 'stay at home' regulations and 'extended remote learning' in schools
Mayor Brian Tierney has expressed sadness at the passing of Derry city legend Willie Curran, who died last night aged 90
A financially damaging year for sports clubs means that an all-Ireland soccer league makes better sense than ever, says Martina Anderson MLA
PSNI report over 1,000 call-outs on New Year's Eve - mainly anti-social behaviour, assault, criminal damage, and 86 cases of domestic abuse
As a result of Brexit, it is SDLP leader Colum Eastwood's 'firm view' that the union and the United Kingdom are coming to an end in 2021
Peter Weir announces remote learning for a week from January 4 and then a staggered return to school from January 11
Emmet Doyle slams PSNI and Executive for ‘passing the buck’ on curfew rules to taxi drivers over what is and isn't an essential journey
PSNI repeat warnings of scammers posing as police and demanding money from elderly people - there have been 120 of these frauds this year
Mayor Brian Tierney has called a Council meeting to take place next Tuesday, 29 December at 4pm after calls to suspend flights from Britain
Three men with knife burst into house at Upper Bennett St, held knife to teenager's throat demanding money - made off only with mobile phone


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Altnagelvin midwife Corina McGarrigle had her baby son, assisted by her colleagues, on International Midwives Day last Wednesday, 5th May
One person, 1 hour a day in hospitals and hospices, in children's wards 2 can visit but must 'rotate' so only 1 at a time is at bedside
Decision to take cars queueing for McDonalds off road and on to Fort George site increases safety on Strand Rd, says Sinéad McLaughlin
Council have unveiled a mural by local company Peaball Creatives, dedicated to former Derry City player Mark Farren, at the Brandywell
Council has approved funding of £750,000 for a raft of arts, culture and heritage projects and events