A Derry woman has lost £20,500 after a man she met online claimed his account was frozen and persuaded her to give him her banking details
A man driving white Ford Transit assaulted a vulnerable 35 year old man at a commercial premises on Dromore Road on Wednesday 2 October
Work will begin early next year on a new play area to the south of Parkside Gardens, at 22 Seein Road, Sion Mills
Eastwood calls on all Westminster leaders to cooperate to remove Boris Johnson from office before a no-deal Brexit damages NI and all UK
Council held a meeting to discuss the crisis at Culmore's Owen Mor care home at 4pm on Thursday (03/10) in the Guildhall
Belfast City Council has declared a climate emergency, demanding legislation and an independent NI Environmental Protection Agency
A man, in his 30s, was shot in both legs around 10pm last night (30/09) in Moss Park, the third violent attack in Galliagh in recent weeks
Backstop is the minimum protection NI needs after Brexit - and NI's 'remain' majority deserves right to rejoin EU via Irish reunification
A speeding car crashed at junction of Springtown/Northland Roads in early hours damaging a BT cabinet and fence - driver fled the scene
The trauma of yesterday's hammer attack on a Galliagh mother "will live with her and her children for many years" says Cllr Brian Tierney
This week Sammy Wilson described those wanting to avoid a hard border as ‘fifth columnists’ and SF defended a 'Brits Out' poster at Queens


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NWRC has secured €1.6 million of Erasmus+ funding to allow students and staff to study and train across Europe over the coming 2 years
Faded white lines around the city and on major arteries such as Branch and Creggan Road are a danger as we head into winter, says Cusack
Burglary at Kiltybane Rd in Newbuildings: Stihl chainsaw, leaf blower and hedge clipper stolen from outbuilding overnight Sunday-Monday
Startled dogs may try to escape - so keep doors and gardens secure; here are the Top 5 tips for helping your dog get through the fireworks
Translink with RSPB will play birdsong over the PA at train stations tomorrow (17th) to highlight the decline in wild bird populations