At 12.30am today two men approached a group of 5 on Fahan St and pointed a gun at one of them - man with gun was 6'3", slim, black t-shirt
MLAs are set to get a pay rise of 11%, almost £5,000, from April next year, an independent panel decided today.
It has been confirmed that two mini earthquakes rocked Donegal within the past 24 hours
Derry has topped the jobless polls again to remain the north’s unemployment blackspot, new figures released today reveal
Another mini earthquake has rocked Donegal
The group Mothers Opposing Violence Everywhere in Our Neighbourhoods (Move On) will hold a peace vigil this afternoon, Friday
A young Derry family have narrowly escaped death after thieves stole copper piping, leaving a Bogside flat to fill with deadly gas
There has been a second night of disturbances on Madam's Bank Road
Police in Derry are urging parents to take an active interest in their children’s social networking sites reports of organised fights
Martin McGuinness has called on RAAD to issue a definitive statement removing all threats to young people in Derry and disbanding the group
A 13-year-old male has been charged with riotous behaviour and criminal damage after rioting broke out in Madam's Bank Road last night


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Outdoor facilities only will be open to sports clubs from Friday 17 July - but clubs will need special Covid-19 risk assessment documents
A man remains in hospital following a 4-vehicle collision on Crescent Link last Saturday, 4 July - PSNI continue to appeal for information
Theory test certificates expiring between Mar 1-Oct 31 now extended by 8 months, motorcycle test certs by six months, says Nichola Mallon
Tommy Fleming to play Millennium Forum next February - tickets on sale from Friday 3 July and cost £28
City Colts FC have generously donated £2,770 to Altnagelvin staff raised through an online concert