A Derry woman has lost £20,500 after a man she met online claimed his account was frozen and persuaded her to give him her banking details
A person entered the water at 11am this morning - FSR responded with 2 boats and a jetski and the person was transferred to hospital
Anyone aged 14-18 can become a Youth Councillor helping the new 'NW Ministry of Youth' to shape youth affairs and lead community campaigns
Council now seeking consultants to design Community Centre with youth wing at Glenview but Glen Park site raises flooding/access concerns
A man (33) is suspected of having driven a hijacked orange Fiat Sedici to plant an explosive device causing a security alert at Church View
Developers insist residents of 61 over-55 apartments at Ebrington will be 'fully in support' of concerts continuing, says Elisha McCallion
A command wire initiated Improvised Explosive Device (IED) located in a parked vehicle in Creggan was made safe last night
Police evacuated 15 houses in Creggan today after finding a suspicious object - they are now under attack by youths with petrol bombs
Church was to sell 4.5 acre Eglinton site to fund rebuild of St. Canice's parish hall - but rezoning of land as 'flood plain' cut its value
PSNI believe the dissident gang calling themselves 'New IRA' planted the home-made mortar at Church View, Strabane this weekend
This car driven at speed also mounting footpath endangering children at play in Clon Elagh - then made off for border - driver is known


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NWRC has secured €1.6 million of Erasmus+ funding to allow students and staff to study and train across Europe over the coming 2 years
Faded white lines around the city and on major arteries such as Branch and Creggan Road are a danger as we head into winter, says Cusack
Burglary at Kiltybane Rd in Newbuildings: Stihl chainsaw, leaf blower and hedge clipper stolen from outbuilding overnight Sunday-Monday
Translink with RSPB will play birdsong over the PA at train stations tomorrow (17th) to highlight the decline in wild bird populations
"Stitch a Witch" costume crafting workshops at New 2 You on Sat mornings 19 & 26 Oct - bring your own oddments - tickets £3