Breadmakers at the Hovis plant in Belfast, which makes 50% of NI's bread under various brand names, are demanding a 10% pay rise
New part-time speed limits on roads at 103 schools are now being implemented - speed signs will have amber lights flashing when limits apply
A man (52) has been charged with terrorist offences in an ongoing investigation into bomb-making activities by the so-called 'New IRA'
Petrol bombs, paint bombs and bottles were seized from a group of masked youths in Fern Park
Two convicted of cruelty to animals after causing suffering to dogs at Roulston Ave (Ebrington) and abandoning two dogs in Derry's Waterside
Colum Eastwood says the Executive must address women's issues such as abortion, but is 'ducking difficult issues'
Police conducting a search operation related to dissident terrorist activity were attacked by a gang of local youths
Given the recent spate of burglaries across NI, police are advising homeowners to 'Close it, Lock it, Check it'
Man (52) arrested in Creggan this morning (18/03) under the Terrorism Act in investigation into the so-called 'New IRA'
"Sinn Féin are duping and dodging on public sector pay, the Irish language and now abortion - it shows their word cannot be trusted"
Home addresses of Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney painted on walls in Belfast in an attempt to intimidate


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Altnagelvin midwife Corina McGarrigle had her baby son, assisted by her colleagues, on International Midwives Day last Wednesday, 5th May
One person, 1 hour a day in hospitals and hospices, in children's wards 2 can visit but must 'rotate' so only 1 at a time is at bedside
Decision to take cars queueing for McDonalds off road and on to Fort George site increases safety on Strand Rd, says Sinéad McLaughlin
Council have unveiled a mural by local company Peaball Creatives, dedicated to former Derry City player Mark Farren, at the Brandywell
Council has approved funding of £750,000 for a raft of arts, culture and heritage projects and events