A Derry woman has lost £20,500 after a man she met online claimed his account was frozen and persuaded her to give him her banking details
Police are linking the explosive device found at Church View to hijacking of pizza delivery man's orange Fiat Sedice on Friday night
Strabane alert ended late last night - a man was arrested after a viable explosive device was recovered at Church View
News Letter claims BBC Spotlight programme next Tuesday will show footage which appears to include Martin McGuinness preparing a car bomb
Alliance for Choice will attend the major 'Rally for Choice' in Belfast tomorrow (Sat), to campaign for abortion to be decriminalised in NI
Shots were fired at the upstairs window of a flat in Galliagh shortly after 10pm last night (Wednesday)
Boris Johnson's 'power grab' must be opposed by all parties, says Colum Eastwood
White Transit used to ram house in Glendale, then set alight before masked men made off in a red Ford Mondeo and a green Toyota Avensis
Five linked burglaries this weekend targeting money and jewellery: 2 in Cooleen Park (Culmore), Templegrove Park, Hatmore Park, Shandon Park
Young man shot in leg in Mimose Ct, Gobnascale last night - gunman tried to fire further shots but gun jammed and the 3 masked men fled
Residents of Farren Park and others affected by loud noise at night from Home Bargains car park are invited to give written complaints


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NWRC has secured €1.6 million of Erasmus+ funding to allow students and staff to study and train across Europe over the coming 2 years
Faded white lines around the city and on major arteries such as Branch and Creggan Road are a danger as we head into winter, says Cusack
Burglary at Kiltybane Rd in Newbuildings: Stihl chainsaw, leaf blower and hedge clipper stolen from outbuilding overnight Sunday-Monday
Startled dogs may try to escape - so keep doors and gardens secure; here are the Top 5 tips for helping your dog get through the fireworks
Translink with RSPB will play birdsong over the PA at train stations tomorrow (17th) to highlight the decline in wild bird populations