Breadmakers at the Hovis plant in Belfast, which makes 50% of NI's bread under various brand names, are demanding a 10% pay rise
Arrests today in Creggan and North Belfast as police swoop in dissident terrorist investigation Operation Arbacia
FSR rescued a person around midnight last night (08/03), and issued a warning to anyone attempting a rescue never to enter the riverbank mud
Five males arrested after four boys aged 15-17 were attacked, possibly with a knife, on the Ballycolman Estate at 9pm last night
Man (30) arrested in connection with a number of gun attacks which wounded a number of men in Derry
Approval for 295 dwellings to east of Clooney Rd overlooking Caw Roundabout surrounded by Clooney Rd, Rossdowney Rd and the Crescent Link
Pontins list of 'undesirable' names (see image) including Doherty, McLaughlin, and Gallagher was intended to bar the Travelling Community
Eamonn McCann has said he has been diagnosed with ataxia, a neurological condition
Detectives investigating a creeper burglary in Balmoral Avenue on 5th November last year have charged a 28-year-old man
A man in his late teens was shot in the leg at an alleyway in Curryneirin around 9pm tonight (Saturday 27 Feb)
Public should be aware of anything unusual on ATMs, conceal PIN numbers, and be wary of distractions by people trying to steal their card


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Altnagelvin midwife Corina McGarrigle had her baby son, assisted by her colleagues, on International Midwives Day last Wednesday, 5th May
One person, 1 hour a day in hospitals and hospices, in children's wards 2 can visit but must 'rotate' so only 1 at a time is at bedside
Decision to take cars queueing for McDonalds off road and on to Fort George site increases safety on Strand Rd, says Sinéad McLaughlin
Council have unveiled a mural by local company Peaball Creatives, dedicated to former Derry City player Mark Farren, at the Brandywell
Council has approved funding of £750,000 for a raft of arts, culture and heritage projects and events